Is Fats de Baht Guy?

Food is man’s best friend and if we look at every type of food as the kinds of friends we have, Fats would be that black sheep of the family that our parents always stop us from playing with. Oftentimes, we see Fats as that class of food that is harmful to our body.

Is that really the case?

What we were not told is that Fats are not our actual enemy. Fats protect your body organs from attracting harmful toxins. They also boost energy levels, support the growth of cells in your body, and help your body absorb essential nutrients needed to keep you healthy, happy and wise.

We feel scammed after finding these facts out but as it’s customary about life – we learn every day. So it’s not too late to start embracing your fats and oils (provided they’re healthy).

Before you dive right in, let’s choose for you

While we’re here debunking the assumption that “all fats are bad”, what we will tell you is “Some fats are better than others”. So let’s show you which ones we’re talking about:


Smile! We said ‘Cheese’…

First off, the fatty components in Cheese contain nutrients that have proven to combat various diseases including Type 2 Diabetes. If you are looking to have more Calcium, Protein, and Vitamin B12 in your body, we would suggest you increase your intake of Cheese.


Yes! We’re still talking of healthy fats to have.

Agreed, Eggs contain quite a lot of cholesterol but for most people, the cholesterol in eggs doesn’t affect the cholesterol in the blood. That’s why it’s making the top of the list.

For every egg you have, you are having all the nutrients you know at once. From Proteins to Omega-3 fatty acids, and even antioxidants, every part of your body benefits when you have eggs.


There’s no how we would write this list without adding Nuts to it.

The fats in Nuts contain a lot of nutrients that replenish body cells, combat diseases and boost energy levels. Nuts are also a perfect remedy for cases like Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and even heart disease.

Coconut Oils

If you’re looking for the best source for Saturated Fat, you need to stack your kitchen up with Coconut Oil. That’s because a whopping 90% of fats from this oil is totally saturated; in addition, they are metabolized differently as they go to various organs of the body where they convert to ketone bodies.

In addition, the fats in Coconut Oil not only help in boosting body metabolism but also helps in suppressing hunger levels helping you eat fewer calories and stay healthy.

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