Why you should have fruits at your event


When attending a Nigerian event, Item 7 is the most important aspect of the event. That’s when the food and drinks go down. Without food, there’s no party and everything is at the best faux pas.

As regards the kinds of food that make the spotlight in people’s minds, you have your proteins, Rice, Swallows, and other sweets and savouries. Fruits are usually not a typical option at most events. As a matter of fact, fruits are the guests that leave the party first while Jollof, Meats, and Booze are the ones that stay till mama calls.

So why then are we suggesting fruits at an event?


Keeping to your healthy promise

A fruit a day keeps the doctors away. Events shouldn’t be the reason you go on leave on your healthy eating habits. As there’s a lot of food and drinks going round at the event, adding fruits to your list of edibles will make you consistent towards achieving your goal of total health and wellbeing.

A good way to end your meal for the day

For some of us, the foods we have at parties are the last meal we have for the day (especially when the event falls within evening time). In order to end the day on a bright note, having some fruits at the event is a good idea for you to adopt.

A complete dining experience

For every time you eat, there should be some fruits to go – that’s what it means to have a complete dining experience. At whichever event you find yourself in, make the best of it by indulging yourself in fruits whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Introducing: Something Lite Fruit Trees

For the next event you plan to hold, you can put your guests on the healthy path with the Something Lite Fruit Tree. This tree features all the amazing kinds of fruits that you may cherish well diced and positioned for your wholesome satisfaction.

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