Interesting ways to have fruits

If we are to create a scoreboard for the list of foods most people crave, fruits can possibly appear bottom of the list. As sweet, colourful, and nutritious as they are why would that be the case?

Just before you take a guess, fruits are the major class of food that we can eat conveniently without worrying about any side effects – no adding weight, no health complications, no regrets. The more fruits you eat, the farther you are away from the doctor.

While many health-conscious people would strongly advise you to turn away from your carb ways and love your greens, we would rather indulge you all you can. Here’s what we will say:

Make your cereals with fruits

If you love to start your day with cereals, a good way to spike them with a dose of fruits is to simply dice your favourite fruit into your cereals. Be it apples, grapes, pineapples, oranges, or any other fruit that works, you can just dunk them in, mix, and down on the go. That’s how to wake up, rise, and shine!

Add them to your recipes

With this method, things are about to get creative. One thing you should love about fruits is that it goes well with anything – including cooked foods. From the splash of lemons you use to fry bacon to the strawberries you can add to some pastries, fruits are as well a good combo and must-have ingredients in your meal recipe.

Make it an appetizer

If mixing fruits with foods irks you, you could simply save the best for the last by ending every good meal with your favourite fruits. For this to work, you should never run out of fruits; instead, always make a deliberate effort to stock your house with your favourite fruits.


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